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Q:  Can I use both the Oil and the Bloom products together for weight gain?
A: Yes, those two items can be used together without any overload of fat when following the prescribed amounts on container given your horses level of exercise.

Q:   Smart Pak advertises their product for Colic prevention. Do you have something that will help my horses intestinal tract and is similar.
A: Our Digestive Feed Additive or "DDA" has been produced and proven for many years. Unlike most of Smart Pak's private labeled products, our product has no fillers or sugars so your horse (s) is getting ingredients it can break down easily. DDA 's ingredients include Yea-Sacc1026 live yeast cultures, BioPLEX which are bioavailable trace minerals, BioMos which is a specific strain of yeast that helps the horses gastrointestinal health and integrity which contributes to better performance and more consistent food utilization. This product has been successfully fed to emaciated rescue animals that will have a noticeable weight turnaround in under 30 days. Majority will be visibly noticed within 10 - 14 days sometimes sooner. It comes in a powder that is top dressed or in a Probiotic paste.

Q:  My Vet recommended I put my horse on a product he endorses called Platinum Performance but it is really expensive. Do you have something that isn't as expensive but will provide what he needs?
A: You bet we do. Our Orange Superior has been manufactured and proven since the late 80's early 90's. It is an outstanding general, overall, Vitamin and Mineral supplement that contains superior chelated vitamins and minerals with no fillers or sugars. Our products are formulated with trademarked nutritionally balanced proven ingredients blended in a manner that the horse can receive the most bioavailable nutrients for their system. If your horse(s) is a heavy competitor, beginning to show signs of wear and tear or an aged arthritic Senior citizen that needs the addition of a joint supplement we have a product that combines our Orange Superior and recognized popular joint ingredients, HA, MSM, Chondroitin Sulfate, Glucosamine, and Biotin called Total Performance Plus. It is comparable if not Superior to the Platinum CJ.

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