About Susie

Est. 1995 with over 40 years experience and having competed in a vast range of levels Equine Nutrition has always been an integral part of my horses lives.

To enlighten owners of their horses well being by educating them on Equine nutrition and the quality products dac® Manufactures available to the general public without breaking their pocket books or wallets.

Born and raised in Glendora CA. Trained with Mary Gatti of Rainbow Canyon as a youth in addition to Mike Nielsen and Rocky Wright and exhibited Dressage in the late 70's and early 80's. Was educated by Inge Tome-Stonequist and accomplished 2nd level with high 70 scores. Competed most every circuit you can think of within the Los Angeles & San Gabriel Valleys, Pomona, Scottsdale AZ, Reno Nevada, Oklahoma Nationals, Albuquerque NM Nationals, specifically with Arabians, Morgans, and early years Quarters and Appendix Quarters.

Company Overview
Only sell products that I have personally found to work exceptionally well. American owned and American manufactured.

was introduced to these products 9 years ago by a friend and fellow Professional trainer, Darren Vincent of Winning Ways Ranch, while my daughter was taking lessons and campaigning her POA Santee MJ Marbles at the Regional and local show circuits in Southern California. Darren's Appaloosa's and POA Ponies were always immaculate with see thru coats, well fitted and muscled and just hands above the other competition when it came to appearance. I asked her what she was using. dac® Oil and Orange Superior. Well that's all she wrote, we started our horses at home and our blanketed Sooty Buckskin POA "Chubby" on it and I haven't stopped using it since. Each and every product that dac® makes is stellar in the sense that, each product is simple ingredients measured into the right formula to produce the optimum for it's designated function.

General Information
Southern California dac® Vitamin and Mineral Dealer that travels to Horse shows, sets up her booth and sells great dac® nutritional products. Available to do presentations to local riding clubs, FFA and 4H on Equine and livestock nutritional products manufactured by dac® by appointment only. If you would like me to attend your Equine functions please Contact Susie

Our best sellers are dac® Oil, Orange Superior, Bloom, Colt grower, DDA Digest aide, Calm B, Total Performance Plus, E & SE, CMZ, Foundation Formula, and the list goes on. We produce a product for just about every need in your horses life. Joint Supplements, Breeding , Hooves, Calming, Shipping, Racing, You name it we make it.

All products can be orderd thru me and shipped within US.
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