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dac 2in1 Shampoo


Shampoo & Conditioner

Contains Pro-Vitamins to nourishe the coat, mane, and tail leaving them, managable and soft.
pH balanced for sensitive skin.

Our non-irritating 2in1 SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER uses essential oils to clean, conditionm and nourish your animal's damaged coat, mane and tail all in one easy step.

Key ingredients:

  • Glycerin & Pro-Vitamin B5- Helps maintain and restore the moisture to the skin.
  • Aloe Vera Extract- Reduces redness and helps soothe irritation on your animal.
    Hydrolyzed Keratin- Used to strengthen the hair and create healthy hair growth.
  • Argan Oil- Coats anad moisturizes the outside of the hair and helps boost the natural shine of the animals hair.
  • Jojoba Oil- Helps add shine, elasticity, softness, and volume to hair and coat, while giving the appearance of thickness.
dac 2in1 SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER       $16.25
dac Shampoos for horses



Bright+ Accent Shampoo

Execute a show ring finish and accent cleaning with dac® Bright+ Accent Shampoo.  It's full body spa brightening action enhances brighter whites, shiny highlights, silvery, and sparkling grays. Stubborn yellow, green and brown stains are uplifted by powerful stain fighting blend & lighteners. Brilliance bought in a bottle.


dac® Bright+ Accent Shampoo   $14.50


dac Shampoos for horses


Detoxifying Shampoo

is a gentle, therapeutic, and cleansing formula which provides protection and improvement of topical skin ailments. With skin conditioning emollients and a pleasant fragrance, dac® Detoxifying Shampoo conditions skin while lifting stains and soils. This formula relies on a combination of natural essential oils including Emu oil, Sage Oil, and Tea Tree Oil to sooth and nourish hair. Boswellia Extract and MCT Oil facilitate cell growth on a molecular level and act as a natural healing agent.

  • Prevents, improves and soothes skin problems that are associated with Bacteria, Yeast, Mold Fungi, and Viruses
  • Gentle Ph balance formula
  • Leaves coat clean, and conditioned
  • Safe to use on Cuts, Tears, and Abrasion
dac® Detoxifying Shampoo $15.50


dac Tangle Free


Lazer HD Concentrate

Create the ultimate high definition shine by using dac® Lazer HD Shine Spray Concentrate. Nourishing properties of Abyssinian oils, fatty acids and vitamins blend together to provide hair and mane manageability along with conditioning & protection for an optical Luster. This custom formula provides emolliency & gloss to highly load pigment systems to encourage a long lasting lazer shine for weeks.

  • Reduces grooming time
  • Detangles & Conditions manes & tails
  • Eliminates Static Fly aways

Concentrate makes 6.5 liters (up to 2 gallons)

dac® Lazer HD Shine Spray Concentrate $25.20


dac Tangle Free


Tangle Free Mane & Tail Treatment

A beautiful flowing mane & tail are not out of reach. Achieve the most sought after equine grooming task of a strong, silky, attractive mane & tail with dac® Tangle Free Treatment. Instantly detangles and strengthens weakened or brittle hair fibers while working to keep a natural healthy shine on any length or coarseness of hair. Its magic moisture, volume and smoothing features adds to the manageability to the ease of brushing and grooming. A sure crowd pleaser to use everyday or as needed.

dac® Tangle Free Treatment $25.20

Bathing Tips:

Soak horse thoroughly with a hose on gentle pressure. Apply your Bright+ Accent Shampoo to the main body of your horse with a sponge and then use either a curry comb or your fingers to work the shampoo in and the dirt out. Let suds up for five minutes and then rinse thoroughly with the hose on a higher setting ( as high as your horse tolerates) to rinse.  Next move to the legs of your horse and one leg at a time soak the leg, wash and rinse. Move onto the face of the horse, wash & rinse gently. Soak the mane, apply shampoo & let it sit for about 5 minutes, then rinse. Completely soak tail from dock to skirt, dipping the skirt in a bucket of water.  Start at the dock using shampoo and work it through the hair and into the skin. Let that sit while you move to the skirt and work the hair of the skirt between your hands to remove the dirt. Rinse.

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